Chopsticks for children, work, and restaurants

Trends are changing from disposable chopsticks to reusable ones that demand more durability than the chopsticks that are used today.
Our craftsmen have patiently created these chopsticks by infusing resin in birch using high-pressure presses.


They have been proven in elementary and junior high schools as well as on the job as dishwasher-compatible wooden chopsticks.

They are praised for their long period of use which reduces costs compared to conventional chopsticks.

Beauty and durability are provided even in work related jobs in which the chopsticks are frequently used.

Feel free to contact us for an estimate or more information about our dishwasher-compatible chopsticks.


Features of Dishwasher-compatible Chopsticks

Unbreakable 3-times the strength of Nandina / Belian chopsticks.
Unbendable Normal wooden chopsticks could bent.
Beautiful The wood grain is magnificent.
Optimum Weight Almost the same weight as high-class red/ebony precious wood chopsticks.
Easy to hold Not slippery such as coated chopsticks.
Long-lasting Stands up to repetitive hot water cleanings.
KYOKA BOKU (Children/Work)

KYOKA BOKU (Children/Work)

KYOKA BOKU (Box-style)  

Square chopsticks/thin chopstick (box-type) series

Square chopsticks/thin chopstick (box-type) series

(restaurant chopsticks)

Left picture: Square chopsticks
Comfortably fits in the hand and is easy to hold.

Right picture: Thin chopsticks (box-type)
A thin yet supple shape compared to normal chopsticks.