COMPLITE® is generally known as laminated reinforced wood material

The veneer plywood (several millimeter thin wooden veneer plywood) has resin infused using a high-pressure oven. Veneer plywood several inches thick using multiple heat pressure molded layers is called COMPLITE. This maintains the wooden texture while offering water-repellent, ease of processing, and staining properties uncharacteristic of wood.


Beautiful Colors Only Possible Through COMPLITE

COMPLITE® is available in six colors; black, NK, brown, gray, red, and white.

Water-Resistant, Hard, and Beautiful

This material expands the possibilities for applications as a lifestyle product, which offers an elegant and beautiful feel familiar to the touch using real wood.

This material can be used in a broad range lifestyle products including chopsticks, knife handles, and buttons due to its water and dirt resistance.



COMPLITE® is also used as a material for buttons and bag handles for its extreme color dye stability that prevents color from rubbing off onto cloth. In addition, the beautiful polished and quality feel of this material is used in stationeries for adults.


In recent years, COMPLITE® has also become widely used in elementary and junior high school cafeterias. These chopsticks provide a wonderful handling texture.
They are very easy to use and they do not slip from the hand like coated chopsticks because the material itself is tough and long lasting. These chopsticks are more sanitary and strong than natural wooden chopsticks, and they are also dishwasher compatible.

A High-class Feel That Is Dirt Resistant

Many people use COMPLITE® in various places because of its dirt resistance.

For metal chopsticks, the area held by the hand leaves a very cold feel.

COMPLITE® offers a gentle, soft impression to the hand and eyes because the essence of wood remains.


COMPLITE® is also popular as a material for doors, handles, and railings because it resists dirt from getting engrained in the material without washing it with water while offering a beautiful, high-class wooden grain.

Strength, Hardness, Heat-resistant, and Insulation Supporting What’s Important

The highly-praised material performance of COMPLITE® is used in a wide range of applications.

These characteristics are used in other fields including:

As a mount for devices producing magnetic fields

As insulation material to fix cross-linked electric and communication cables.

As fixed insulation for the joints of railings.