Park Golf came into existence in Makubetsu town Hokkaido, Japan in 1983. Golf has become environmentally-friendly through efforts such as limiting the use of fertilizers for cultivating grass.
Each year more and more people grow to love the game because the sport can be enjoyed regardless of age or gender.

NITTAX & Park Golf

NITTAX has grown and developed alongside Park Golf since manufacturing of golf clubs started the year Park Golf was established in its birthplace of Makubetsu.

We strive to research and develop golf clubs that are easy to use, easy to hit the ball, as well as bags, small articles, and accessories from the standpoint of the Park Golf players and we continue to deliver products that satisfy everyone.

NITTAX Golf Club Lineup

We have worked to develop a lighter golf clubs based on the players’ desire to have a club that could be used for a long time with little physical strain.
“Genuine” are golf clubs that weighs between 510 to 520 grams.
These clubs provide more stability in distance and direction in addition to their light weight.

Product name Target Head volume Weight Lenght
genuine Bisonnew! Advanced Specifications 320cc 510g 85cm
genuine Bull-IInew! Advanced Specifications 285cc 520g 85cm
genuine Taurosnew! Advanced Specifications 315cc 520g 85cm
genuine Boknew! Advanced Specifications 315cc 520g 85cm
Mak Bird-Rino Advanced Specifications 310cc 530g
Mak Bird G2 Beginner/Intermediate
270cc 520g

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