COMPLITE is generally known as laminated reinforced wood.

  • Water resistant, strong, and beautiful
  • A luxurious feel while being filth resistant
  • Having heat and electrical insulating properties

These characteristics provide possibilities that can be utilized in a broad range of areas.

 For example, utilizing the strong water resistant characteristics

 Chopsticks, knife handles, and other products, which often come in contact with water, can be used for extensive periods.

For items and areas often seen or handled by people

The characteristics offering a luxurious, filth resistant and a warm wooden feel can be effectively applied for products such as doorknobs and stairway railings.

Even for industrial components

The heat and electrically insulating properties can be utilized in a variety of places.

There are many other applications and excellent characteristics these products provide. Don’t hesitate to look at our Laminated Reinforced Wood page.