1919 Aisuke Nitta was established Nitta Veneer Mfg. Co. at Makubetu Hokkaido Japan.
This is first mass production plywood mill in Japan.
1935 built Tokyo playwood mill at Fukagawa Tokyo.
1940 produced Compreg propeller
(COMPLITE is trade name of Nittax’s compreg)
1952 started mass production of COMPLITE.
1965 Produced resin impregnated Base-ball bat. Mr. Oho was used making world record by these bats.
1972 produced FRP faced plywood (Power Ply) for inside of cargo train.
1973 exported the plywood for insulation of LNG carrier marine tanker.
1974 established Japan Contourkore Co. for producing Contourkore under license of Baltek Corporation, U.S.A.
1976 produced NONSTAIN plywood, which have non formaldehyde Vapor.
1981 Tokyo mill was moved to Chiba industrial Park.
1988 established Taiwan Contourkore Co. at Kaohsiung Taiwan.
1991 changed company name to NITTAX Corporation.
1997 produced fire resistance plywood.
2000 Chiba mill got ISO 9001.
2002 Head Office moved to Higashi Nihonbashi from Ginza
2004 produced the interior of the train, which is JR KYUSHIYU supper express line. This was first wood interior of Japanese super express train.
2005 produced interior of the train, which are ODAKYU Romance Car.
2007 produced interior of the train, which are JR TOKAI N700 serise supper express line.
2011 produced the interior of the train, which is JR WEST & JR KYUSHU super express line, N700[SAKURA][MIZUHO].